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Finance Dept.
Finance Dept.

  Finance Dept. takes responsibility for daily financial management and accounting work of NPCPI and specific duties are listed as follows:
  1. Implementation of financial policies and accounting regulations released by government, formulation of internal financial management rules and internal control procedures, rationalization of financial system, protection of national property, annual budget formulation and final account.
  2. Management of allowance for public institution and operating revenue, declaration of public institution fees, special funds and fund for infrastructure, accounting of other financial revenue and expenditure and operational expense, monitoring of utilization of funds, periodic checking of accounts and assets, regular settlement of claims and debts, compilation of various statements and declaration of tax.
  3. Management and accounting of fixed assets and low-value consumables, regular checking of accounts, physical assets tracking with the relevant departments and declaration of retired fixed assets.
  4. Management and accounting of capital construction fund, compilation of various statements, annual financial statements, and final account of infrastructure projects.
  5. Filing, archiving, and destruction of accounting information, occupational education, continuing education, and annual qualifications accreditation.

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