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Techno-Economics Dept.
Techno-Economics Dept.

  Techno-Economics Dept. (post-project evaluation Dept.)., with primary focus on techno-economic analysis, post-project evaluation, is one of core divisions beneath NPCPI:
  Techno-economic analysis: Cost estimation, budget determination and settlement, final account, investment and financing analysis, fiscal impact analysis, financial management analysis, cost-benefit analysis, risk–benefit analysis, competitive cost analysis, regional economic analysis, macroeconomic analysis and management consulting, etc..
  Post-project evaluation: evaluation on goal, implementation process, benefits, impact and sustainability of project. Monographic study and formulation of specifications for governments, industries and companies. Formulation of methods and parameters used in evaluation.
  Techno-economic analysis covering whole life cycle of decision-making, construction, production, operation and management makes it more rational and scientific for decision makers to find a solution.Post-project evaluation plays a critically important role to improve the level of decision-making, specify investment activities, remedy deficiency during the process from decision-making to operation and improve efficiency of management and investment.
  It will be commitment of Techno-Economics Dept. (post-project evaluation Dept.) to provide the most  authoritative, professional and latest information for all levels of government, companies and chemical industry parks to make decisions with scientific ideas and consultancy methods in compliance with development strategy of China’s petroleum and chemical industry.

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