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Utility Planning Dept.
Utility Planning Dept.

  Utility Planning Dept., focusing on infrastructure and supporting facilities of chemical industry, such as site comparison and selection of chemical industry bases ,parks and projects, general plans, regulatory detailed plans, safety plans, cyclical economy plan, logistics plan, environmental impact assessment, as well as monographic study on utilities including layout and transportation, civil engineering, power and steam supply, water supply and drainage, environmental protection, etc. is one of the core divisions of NPCPI. It includes:
  Site comparison and selection: overall comparison and selection for construction site of chemical projects as reference for decision-making. Technically, conclusions will be made by qualitative and quantitative analysis of the development space of alternative sites, environmental quality, geologic and climate conditions, transportation, utilities, social stability, and other available information after firsthand information collection and local survey done by working team with experts specializing in industrial planning, general plan, environmental protection, transportation, security, and technical economy.
  General plan: general plan and layout in space and timeline of chemical industry parks in aspects of land exploitation, management, and protection in compliance with the concept of unification development considering the upstream and downstream industrial chain, environment and security risks, together with local natural conditions, economic and social development.
  Regulatory detailed plan: prescription of construction land in detail (property, use intensity and spatial environment) stressing the controllable land use on the basis of the general plan by reinforcement of connection among design, management and exploitation, which facilitates construction of projects in industry parks and acts as index system for management and control of parks.
  Environmental impact assessment of a plan: analysis and evaluation of potential environmental impact of the project and providing measures to alleviate the impact.
  Logistics plan: warehouse logistics system of chemical industry parks is of great importance for construction and development of chemical industry parks, which is also a symbol of chemical logistics development in China. Therefore, logistics plan will promote chemical industry parks by establishing top-ranking logistics corporation with good equipments and facilities.
  Safety plan: prevention of blind and random layout and production in the first place by scientific planning of industrial layout, hazardous chemical transportation, as well as hazard source supervision, and emergency rescue system, etc. for healthy and safe development of chemical industry.
  Utility Planning Dept. is an essential division in  pre-project plan for chemical projects and industry parks, which is supported by 15 industry specialists made up of 3 professor-level senior engineers, 6 senior engineers, and 6 engineers, with abundant engineering backgrounds covering layout and transportation, architectural structure, water supply and drainage, electrical engineering, thermal engineering, and environmental protection, etc.

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