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Material & Chemical Dept.
Material & Chemical Dept.

  Material & Chemical Department is one of the core departments in NPCPI. The business scope mainly focuses on material and chemical industry. Details as follows.
  Aromatics and its deep processing: aromatics derived from crude oil and coal, aromatic downstream products.
  Chemical materials and auxiliary materials: Coal to EG, synthetic fiber, polyurethanes and monomers, engineering plastics and monomers, synthetic rubber and elastomer, plastic processing, and rubber processing.
  Cascade utilization of coal: dry distillation, coking, and comprehensive utilization.
  Advanced new special chemical materials: organic fluorine, organosilicon, specialty fibers (carbon fibers, aramid fibers, etc.), functional membrane materials and biomass materials.
  Fine chemicals: pesticides and intermediates, dyes and intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates, electronic chemicals, food additives, feed additives, rubber additives, surfactants, water treatment chemicals, concrete additives, biochemical industry, etc.
  In the crucial period for chemical material industry stepping higher up on the pyramid-shaped structures,   more development opportunities will be captured by tracking high value-added materials with better performance and more advanced technology, specially those in upper region of the “pyramid”.
  All levels of government, companies, investors and scientific institutions are welcome to contact Material & Chemical Dept. directly to push forward the industry.

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