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Energy & Chemicals Dept.
Energy & Chemicals Dept.

  Energy & Chemicals Dept., focusing on energy, fertilizers, and inorganic chemicals, is one of the core divisions of NPCPI. It includes:
  Natural gas: natural gas (incl. shale gas and coalbed methane) separation, liquefaction, transportation, and conversion.
  Coal: coal to methanol, dimethyl ether, and polyoxymethylene dimethyl ethers, coal to natural gas, coal to liquid, and methanol to gasoline.
  Chemical fertilizers: ammonia, nitrogen fertilizers, phosphate fertilizers, phosphorus compounds, potash fertilizers and sylvine, compound fertilizers, and other novel fertilizers.
  Inorganic chemicals: advanced inorganic chemicals (carbon-, silicon-, lithium-, and magnesium-based materials, and cathode materials for batteries), and routine inorganic chemicals (soda ash, inorganic salts, sulfuric acid, sulfur, etc.).
  As foundation and core of chemical industry in China, energy, fertilizer, and inorganic chemicals are of great importance for national economy and social development in fields of energy security, agricultural production, and daily life of mankind. It is also the driving force of China to be a chemical giant.
  Aiming to push forward modern energy and chemical industry, it is commitment of Energy & Chemicals Dept. to afford the most authoritative and latest information for government departments, companies, and chemical industry collaborators to make decisions with scientific judging and consultancy methodology. This is in compliance with development strategy of energy and chemical industry in China.

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