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Petrochemical Dept.
Petrochemical Dept.

  Petrochemical Dept., focusing on oil refinery & ethylene, coal to olefins, coal to ethanol,chlor-alkali chemicals, is one of the core divisions of NPCPI:
  Oil refinery& ethylene: oil refining (including heavy oil processing), olefins (ethylene, propene, etc.), comprehensive utilization of byproducts derived from refining or chemical reaction (processing of C4 and C5 ), basic organic chemicals, synthetic resins, coating, etc..
  Chlor-alkali chemicals: chlor-alkali group basic chemicals (caustic soda, PVC, PVC paste resin, etc.), value-added utilization of chlorine (high-performance chlorinated polymers, specialty chlorinated chemicals), etc..
  Coal to olefins and coal to ethanol: coal/methanol to olefins (MTO, MTP) and downstream processing, coal to ethanol.
  Alleviation of overcapacity, improvement of product quality and enhancement of the industry's core competitiveness will be critically important for transformation and upgrading of China's traditional petrochemical industry in a fast-changing economic and industrial environment in the coming period.
It is commitment of Petrochemical Dept. to provide tailored service focused on transformation and upgrading of industry for all levels of government, companies and chemical industry parks as a top industry think tank with extensive expertise and forward vision in plan.

  All levels of government, companies, investors and scientific institutions are welcome to contact Petrochemical Dept. directly to push forward the industry.

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