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Scope of Business
Scope of Business

NPCPI offers the following services:
  1. Strategic research and development plans for petroleum and chemical industry and mid-term and long-term development plans for sectors of the industry; Diagnosis, evaluation, and development plans for companies, industry development plan, general plan, and regulatory detailed plan for petrochemical and chemical industrial parks (industrial bases); Development plans for smarter industrial parks, safety plan, cyclical economy plan ,and logistics plan.
  2. Optimization of “productive forces” and industrial structure; monographic studies on industrial policy, technical policy, and influential techno-economic projects for petroleum and chemical industry.
  3. Feasibility study, project application report, fund application report, project proposal, energy conservation evaluation report, risks for social stability study for petroleum and chemical industry;
Study on investment opportunities, business plan, market analysis and forecast, process and technology study, site selection and techno-economic analysis.
  4. Evaluation and analysis of proposed project, evaluations and assessment on front-end engineering design and preliminary design, post-project evaluation, environmental impact assessment and management system evaluation for companies, etc.
  5. Management consultancy, diagnosis, capital operation, merger and acquisition transactions consultancy for companies.
  6. Study on foreign investment opportunities, risk-return tradeoff, project assessment, potential partners seeking.
  7. Whole life cycle planning and consultancy: project planning, technology licensing assistance, and other pre-project planning service.

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