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  China International Chemical Consulting Corporation (CICCC), a member of Member Association of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), was founded in 1981 and has been entrusted with the responsibility of industrial planning and engineering consultancy covering chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries with “Class 1 Qualification Certificate” granted by National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).

  CICCC, whose operations were mostly merged with China National Petroleum and Chemical Planning Institute (NPCPI), meaning that the two institutions were effectively combined into a single body with overlapping staff, offers consultancy services on management, engineering, planning, technology and techno-economy for central and local governments, companies, public institutions, financial institutions, and trade organizations.
  CICCC is divided into 5 subdivisions by sub-industries: Petrochemical Dept., Energy & Chemicals Dept., Materials & Chemicals Dept., Utility Planning Dept. and Techno-Economics Dept. (post-project evaluation Dept.).
  Project experience and expertise of each department is listed below.
  Petrochemical Dept.
  Oil refining, ethylene, coal to olefins, coal to ethanol,chlor-alkali chemicals, etc.
  Energy & Chemicals Dept.
  Coal to SNG, natural gas processing, coal to liquid (including MTG), coal to DME, methanol, chemical fertilizers, and inorganic chemicals (including ecarbon, silicon, and cathode materials for batteries).
  Materials & Chemicals Dept.
  Aromatics and processing (including coal to aromatics), chemical materials and auxiliary materials (including coal to MEG), cascade utilization of coal and coking, advanced specialty materials, and fine chemicals.
  Utility Planning Dept.
  Site comparison and selection, general plan, regulatory detailed plan, environmental impact assessment of a plan, logistics plan, and safety plan.
  Techno-Economics Dept. (Post-project Evaluation Dept.).
  Investment and techno-economic analysis, post-project evaluation, monographic study, and formulation of specifications.

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